Image: Cartoon Dingbats.
April 1996


Blaue Blume, A New Story

The first page of "Blaue Blume", the first entirely new story I've begun in more than a year, was added to the site on the first of April.

All stories on this site begin with a single page, because most of them were originally single-page street posters. (See The Story Behind This Project)

The rest of "Blaue Blume", as well as the accompanying cartoon, is still under construction.

Unfinished cartoon of Claire from "Blaue Blume"

Cartoon Dingbats

Reading large blocks of text onscreen can make your eyeballs swim like little fish.

To break up all that verbage, I've added cartoon dingbats to each of the stories, except for "Fireworks and Soup," for which I can't think of anything suitable.

Any suggestions?




Cherry dropped in a bottle of vodka, in "Doe."