Web Writers In The Flesh

The Tuesday, December 2nd show at the Manhattan Internet Lounge was a big success!

Nearly 200 web fiction fans showed up to hear six writers read in conjuction with the print publication of Coffeehouse: Writings From the Web, a fiction anthology.

The show lead off with Ben Cohen, reading some of his poetry backed by web text of the words.

Next up was Meg Wise-Lawrence, who read a disturbing and highly sexual story to the music of Portishead and Led Zepplin.

After a short break for some late-arriving samosas, Levi Asher stepped up to the plate for the public premiere of his "Notes From the Underground" CD-ROM film.

Barclay Dunn, a.k.a. Tabitha Rasa, followed Levi, reading one of the few acutal excerpts from the book. The story, about her days as a rock singer called Venus Envy in a band called Scrotum, was backed by a series of changing web images.

Alison Dorfman's funky poetry sequence was one of the event's big hits. Alison also read from the diary she kept as a ten-year-old.

Rounding out the evening was Xander Mellish, sitting amid a forest of cartoon New York City spires and reading to the music of Miles Davis and Duke Ellington.

Thanks to everybody who helped make Web Writers happen!