Prince Frederik eats a licorice fish.

Prince Frederik's friend thinks he is getting lucky.

I've seen Crown Prince Frederik only once, in the lobby of a theater during the peformance of a ballet. He was not very interested in the ballet, and was instead hanging out in the lobby eating licorice fish from a plastic bag.

There was a crowd in the lobby - it really wasn't a very good ballet - so I couldn't get too near, but did I walked past him about 50 times trying to get his attention. I got absolutely no reaction from Frederik, but the guy standing next to him did notice and was very flattered.

Anyway, Frederik is considering marrying a girl from Australia (whom, according to press reports, made the first move.) Royal watchers assumed at that Frederik would avoid having her visit Denmark while the weather was bad - ie in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, July, or August - for fear this might diminish whatever interest she had in being Crown Princess.

But the gossips were wrong - he did bring her to Denmark, for several grey days around New Years' Eve. For "security reasons," however, she was not allowed to leave the palace. Perhaps the royal courtiers papered the interiors of the windows with sunny pictures; perhaps Frederik simply permitted himself a royal lie, such as "Wow, the weather's usually much better than this."