Image: Nelke From In a Lonely 
May 1996


Blaue Blume Continues

"Blaue Blume", the first entirely new story I've begun in more than a year, continues in May.

I'm afraid I have to blame "Blaue Blume" for not having more to add to the site this month. When I'm caught up in a story, everything else seems to go out the window.

Like many writers, I work incredibly slowly - every line you see on the screen has probably been rewritten at least 25 times!

Unfinished cartoon of Claire from "Blaue Blume"

Cartoon Dingbats

Reading large blocks of text onscreen can make your eyeballs swim like little fish.

To break up all that verbage, I've added cartoon dingbats to each of the stories, except for "Fireworks and Soup," for which I can't think of anything suitable.

Any suggestions?

Cherry dropped in a bottle of vodka, in "Doe."