Edwell Unfun, who will appear this month in "Glory in the Golden Apple"

May 1997


I Attempt To Run A Forum

I have a terrible secret: I am an Internet solipsist.

Between writing the stories, drawing the cartoons, working a full-time job, and maintaining this site, I have very little time to look at anybody else's site.

I mostly use the Internet to cancel my record-club selections. Clearly, I am not doing my part to maintain the Internet's sense of community. In a karmic sense, probably nobody should be coming to my site at all.

That's why when Aliza Sherman, the founder of Cybergrrls, was looking for some volunteers to run forums in the new Cybergrrl Village, I put up my hand to do a "Writing and Publishing" group.

I've met so many other writers on the Internet, and I thought it would be good for them all to have a place to hang out.

It's also crucial to have a place to discuss important questions of our literary era, such as "Are good-looking writers better writers?" (The publishing industry seems to think so).

Although the Cybergrrl Village is geared towards women, gentlemen are welcome if they behave that way.

Just go to http://village.cybergrrl.com/, and when it asks for your password, hit "cancel". They'll set you up as a member of the group right away.

New Domain Name: xmel.com

Many of you found this site through links, and others typed this site's original URL, http://www.interport.net/~xmel.

The hippest among you, however, know this site's has its own domain, www.xmel.com.

Why in the world do I need my own domain name?

Snobbishness and vanity is part of it, I suppose.

But the new address is also much shorter and easier to give out. And a lot of people still have trouble finding the Tilde on the keyboard. God knows modern literature faces enough other roadblocks.