Lana and Julian exchange smoke rings, in "Glory in the Golden Apple"

June 1997


In Which I Lose The Thread

"Glory And The Golden Apple" was supposed to be a weekly serial, and several stories on the site are still lying around half-finished, but hey, it's been a hell of a month.

I lost my job at Dow Jones, where I've worked as a journalist for more than 5 years, in a round of layoffs. It's been a very painful experience, and it isn't over yet. My family's been great, but a lot of friends weren't around when I needed them.

Fortunately, I'd scheduled a May trip to Paris, so I was able to get away from all this misery and woe for a while. Once there, it occurred to me that I could spend the whole summer and a great deal of money on therapy to figure out why I felt so bad, or I could blow the same amount on new clothes in Paris and spend the summer going to parties and feeling just fine.

I chose Option B.

By the way, for those with an interest in fashion, Paris is showing a lot of browns and golds this year, and the skirts aren't as short as Vogue magazine might have us believe.

Anyway, now that I'm unemployed, I plan to spend a lot more time on writing and on this web site, so look forward to more good stuff.

The Never-Ending Story: Blue Flower

The first story that needs to be finished is "Blue Flower". I get constant complaints from readers about this. writes, "In my twenty years on this planet I have never read anything that so compelled me to continue as this story does." Says, "You must _must_ finish this story." And asks, "Are you ever going to finish writing Blue Flower of Happiness? It's a really good story and I want to read the rest of it and find out what happens."

They're right; I should get my act together.

As regular readers may know, there was an ending at one point, but it didn't work, and I've removed it.

Here's my pledge: "Blue Flower" will be finished by the end of this summer, one way or another. As soon as my layoff takes effect, in mid-June, I plan to start working on it full-time.