Jack Knauf, in "Glory in the Golden Apple"

August 1997


Next Month: This Site's Second Anniversary

Next month is the second anniversary of this site, so this will be a busy month for me.

As part of the birthday celebration, I hope to add new readings to the voices page, at least one new story, new photographs (including one for Who Is Xander Mellish) and an archives section that will collect old stuff.

Two years ago, when the Web was still called "Mosaic", Erik Gavriluk, then of Microsoft, volunteered to help me put the stories in a numbered FTP file.

I sent him disks of stories and cartoons in large manila envelope. He quickly became remarkably busy and stopped responding to my phone calls.

Ultimately, I got an HTML Book - Laura LeMay's - and learned how to program my own site.

In retrospect, that was a blessing in disguise, I think, because it let me control all the creative aspects of the site.

I still do all the programming by hand - no HTML software involved.

Too Many Mediums: This Site Makes Radio And TV Appearances

Isn't it irritating when sites list their clips? I mean, really, who cares, except the site author's mother? My mom collects all of this site's clips in a nice book for our coffee table in Wisconsin.

That said, Pam Mendel's recent Cybertimes is a nice account of RealAudio radio reading several of us did for the upcoming "Coffeehouse: Writings From The Web" web fiction anthology. (See July News).

You can hear the whole show, if you like, through Go Poetry, which sponsored the reading.