The bumbling story of me    

Kay Xander Mellish, 1964-


Suburban Romantic

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin looks much better from a distance.
  Where Milwaukee seemed bohemian

New York Part 1: The Early 80s

To be young, not quite broke, and have Manhattan as a giant playground.

I move to New York
The Academic Life vs. Nightlife
Everybody is an artist
Exotic college jobs



How I Was Wrong About the Berlin Wall

And why 22-year-olds are not placed in charge of international affairs.
  When Berlin was nowheresville
On being followed by spies
My boyfriend the schizophrenic
Border guards examine my purse
Escape from Berlin
An undistinguished return

The Chinese Found Me Amusing

My life in the last days of colonial Hong Kong

Why I came to Hong Kong
The home for ladies
A bad reporter on a bad newspaper
Chestnut-haired Irish poets and the White Flower Medicine Sign
Tiananmen Square
The Hong Kong goodbye party


New York Part 2: The 90s

Journalism, romance, a nervous breakdown.
A wire service reporter with a giant mobile phone
I borrow a chair at CNN
Why I never got married
I get famous, crack up, and leave town

My Life in Denmark

At first I could only understand the hand puppets.

Q&A about living in Denmark.

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