A Voodoo Doll, in Matchmaking Creeps

November 1998


A Long Overdue Site Redesign

After more than three years on the web, this site was in dire need of a redesign. HTML has come a long way since September, 1995.

This month it debuts.

At first glance, not much has changed: the first three pages entering the site look pretty much the same.

The stories themeselves, however, have become easier to read, through the judicious use of columns and tables and other stuff I've absorbed during my tenure at abc.com.

I've kept the basic black and white look of the site, which readers have said they liked - it's been called "retro","gentle" and "the only black and white site on the web" - while adding some carefully-chosen color.

In fact, each story now has its own color, relating to some event within the story - cherry like the famous cherry in a bottle of vodka in Doe ; green like the grass Lulu sees at the railroad station in Extraordinary. Future scholars, on your marks.

By the way, I've also replaced that awful "wings" icon for Matchmaking Creeps with a very hip voodoo doll. There's actually no voodoo doll in the story, but since it's a revenge fantasy, I thought it was appropriate anyway.

Back To Merchantilism! We Start Selling Cartoons Again

Long ago, this site sold poster versions of its first logo. Now, our sister site, "Five George Washingtons", sells poster versions, while this site has opted towards high art.

Once again, this site will sell cartoon originals, for $100 and up, unframed. E-mail me for details about specific cartoons.

Someday, these cartoons may really be worth something. If so, my heirs - at this point, mostly second-cousins in Texas - may be furious that I sold them all at this low-low price.

On the other hand, they may just be happy that I've paid off my Visa bill.