Veda Bierce on a stamp, in Five George Washingtons

October 1999


Please Give Me a Job

Ordinarily, I take great pains not to mix this website and my paying jobs. It's kind of a wife vs. mistress situation for me, one in which I vastly prefer the mistress - this site - but it's just as well as the wife doesn't know. Or, if she does know, that she be allowed to save face and pretend she doesn't know. You get the idea.

But the situation is different, now, because my paying job at is leaving me, moving to Disney HQ in Los Angeles. I don't want to move to Los Angeles, which is too far from Paris (where I also don't want to move, but like to visit on a regular basis). Ergo, I need a new job.

I have a great deal of experience, as you can see from my resume, having worked as a journalist, a TV producer, and an Internet hack. I like new media, and would like to continue working in that field.

Any offers? I can promise a signed work of original cartoon art, as seen on this site, to the person who suggests the job I ultimately take.