Joel in a bar

April 2000



Joel's Sex Life

It's been a while since we've seen Joel, and his appearance this time can be credited to this year's extra-long Oscar ceremony.

Elizabeth Dimon and I sat in Mollie's Bar on Third Avenue for the full four hours - by the time "Best Picture" was given to American Beauty, bartenders were sweeping the floors and putting up the chairs.

I had my pens and papers along, and got all five drawings done in one evening - unusually speedy for me. It's Mollie's you'll see in the drawing of the bar where Joel picks up women.

Working for a Living

I'm enjoying my job at BitFlip Interactive Group, so much so that I'm putting a lot more time and effort into it than I am into my writing right now.

Doing research for various BitFlip projects does give me a chance to look at sites I'd otherwise never visit, however, and I found one I really liked called The Doctor's Dilemma.

This training site for doctors addresses ethical questions - like whether or not to turn off life support machines - with a more effective literary device than most of the "literary" sites I've seen. You, the doctor, have cool "conversations" with colleagues, ethicists, shrinks and priests about the many angles of the matter at hand.

It makes you wonder if people create better sites when they're designing for a cognizant purpose, and not for a vanity site.