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Born in 1995, this site is now 18 years old. It can drink and join the army.

When it began, in that third year of the Bill Clinton presidency, it was one of the very few fiction sites on what was then called the World Wide Web. Now, of course, the Internet heaves with fiction, and stories can easily read on Kindles, smartphones, tablets and a dozen other types of devices. When I first started, people used to tell me that they would print out the stories to read them. No one has told me that in a long time.

People ask sometimes if I have stopped writing. I have not. I still write for a living - I have my own little company, providing English communications in Copenhagen, Denmark. I also have a little site set up specifically to help other expatriates in Denmark. I maintain the usual Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds, and have ambitions to make little movies when I have time. I'm also the mother of an eight-year-old daughter, who goes to the sort of school where parents are expected to spend the weekends painting walls and helping to put on plays.

I don't have the same drive to write fiction that I once did. I suppose I have fewer conflicts in my life. But I plan to keep this site alive anyway; I recently renewed the domain name until 2021. I have no idea what will emerge from my brain in the meantime.



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