Joel works out

May 2000



Xander's Big News

There's not much new on the site this month, except the cartoon above. I didn't manage to finish the current chapter of Joel Fauré, which involves him sweating off his sexual frustrations in a gym.

I will, however, finish it and its successor before the June update, which marks a big change in my personal life - I am moving to Denmark!

I've taken a job with Netbureauet Araneum, a web design and building company based in Copenhagen.

Moving overseas is already involving a lot of packing and stress, but I will try and work on Joel's story nonetheless.

A Small Honor for this Site

The New York Historical Society's "New York: Inside Out" exhibition, set to run from May 17 to August 22, 2000, will feature photographs of me in the apartment where this site was first created, and of site friend Marissa Carus setting up the Apple Performa 630 on which it was designed.

I was very flattered to be included in the exhibit, and the timing was right. Now that I'm leaving New York, it's nice to feel I've left something behind...that I've I made at least a little mark during my ten years in Greenwich Village.

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